Infinity Dreams Award


Awards always give me the feeling that someone out there is reading our posts and even appreciating the ‘brilliant’ ideas that come in our mind. We thank A.b.R for reading our posts and appreciating them in the form of this nomination.

I always believe in the saying ‘ dream big to achieve big’.

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Be a Phoebe not a Ross For love

Have you guys read any piece of writing on eternal love, unfinished endings of romance or tales of broken hearts by a teenager? Well, this post is not on a heartbreak. ( my heart is fine, thank you for asking)

I have seen a lot of kids ( yes, kids do not mean teenagers but people who haven’t even struck puberty yet) declare their lives and love for someone at such a young age and then cry over the loss of that particular relationship only to move on to another person in max a week.

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You were like the wind 

That blows an autumn night

Rattling leaves, flying by

Your subtle essence

Leaves a strong sensation in me
The more I think

More is the longing in me
Like autumn you come 


like autumn you leave


And I am left Like the winter’s dawn

Frail and cold

Autumn Wind

Remembering the start


Ahh those were good old days, no fear and no responsibilities. Well the best part, according to me, was that we dreamt freely. Always living in our dream world. Never paying attention to others. Just imagine reliving those days again.

Stop this moment and think about the plans you made for your future self when you were no more than 4 years old. Things that you wanted to do, that you thought that you would do. What did you want to be while growing old? A pilot or an artist, some might even say a scientist (I just wanted to grow a mustache while growing up). Just thinking about those days brings a smile to my face.

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Save that seat for me, please?

You worked as hard as your friend, maybe even more, got a better ranking/ percentage but he was the one selected simply because he had a certificate with sc/st written on it, it hurts doesn’t it?

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In the next 5 years I don’t think we will have an option called a general category because our country has such a great reservation system to help the “needy” to stand on their feet. Our constitution reads that everyone is equal and should be given equal rights but today being a normal Indian guy is probably the most disadvantaged person you can be when it comes to college admissions. I don’t think having reservation is wrong, but having reservation for the stupid lot of the society is wrong. It is like officially declaring that so and so caste, community, religion or gender is born without a brain and thus would need special quota to survive in this world.

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