Be a Phoebe not a Ross For love

Have you guys read any piece of writing on eternal love, unfinished endings of romance or tales of broken hearts by a teenager? Well, this post is not on a heartbreak. ( my heart is fine, thank you for asking)

I have seen a lot of kids ( yes, kids do not mean teenagers but people who haven’t even struck puberty yet) declare their lives and love for someone at such a young age and then cry over the loss of that particular relationship only to move on to another person in max a week.

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You were like the wind 

That blows an autumn night

Rattling leaves, flying by

Your subtle essence

Leaves a strong sensation in me
The more I think

More is the longing in me
Like autumn you come 


like autumn you leave


And I am left Like the winter’s dawn

Frail and cold

Autumn Wind